Accent Chairs

When you are planning to host more than a handful of people in your house, it is always better to have additional seating. This is where accent chairs come into play. These are simple chairs that are placed in a room in a strategic position to offer more seating. There are two ways you can utilize an accent chair. You can either create a secondary seating space within the living room, or position the chair in such a way that it complements the textures and colours of larger pieces of furniture, like a sofa.
Accent chairs come in a wide range of designs. It can be a large piece, like a chaise lounge, or a simple straight back chair with arms, like a rocking chair. The most important thing is that the chairs work with the rest of the furniture in the room harmoniously to provide extra seating. The living room is a very good example of where accent chairs can come in handy.

The star feature of these chairs lay in their style and shape. They have a particularly eye-catching, shapely design. They are armless and extremely light, a feature that can be useful when it comes to moving the chair.

The club chair is a roomy, upholstered armchair with very deep seats. This accent chair is so comfortable that you are more likely to end up snoozing happily as you engross in an interesting book. It can be used as the perfect accompaniment to a living room sofa, or in pairs as a cozy nook. The chair is most likely to have a nail head trim or leather upholstery (or both).

Rocking chairs are typically connected to two curved pieces of wood, giving you the freedom to swing back and forth instead of staying in the same position. The chair is also comfortable because the rocking usually depends on your center of gravity, only stirring to and fro as gravity dictates. This rocking motion is the most popular reason most people use the chair as an accent chair. There are several different styles of rocking chairs, some with arms and others armless; sometimes upholstered, other times with cushions. The common denominator is that they are almost always made of wood, although some may come in different materials.
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